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How to Use Technology to Maximise Productivity

Did you know? Due to technological advances, we're now 84% more productive in the workplace every hour than workers were in the 1970s. In fact, our technological productivity is actually up 480% each hour compared to fourty years ago, and this is predicted to increase by a further 22% by the year 2020 as internet [...]

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Top 5 Accessories For Your GoPro

Have a new GoPro and need some cool accessories to go with it? Check out our list of favourites that will help you improve your videos or add something a little different.GoMotion Time-lapse Mount If you have seen or produced a time-lapse video before you will know they can produce some stunning results. For those who don’t know [...]

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Tech Concepts That Will Never Make it to Market

Tonnes of cool inventions and concepts unfortunately never make it to mainstream production, whether this be through budget constraints, practical implications or other issues.Last month, we came up with some concepts that we hope either a) intrigued you or b) amused you. Unfortunately, our for-fun project will never lead to any of the following devices being [...]

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512GB Micro SD Card Anyone?

In the world of compact memory SanDisk are one of the best, this is a fact that no one can argue against.  SanDisk are always a step ahead of the competition and push technology to it's limit! Microdia on the other hand are not as well known, especially in the UK.  No more!  Microdia have unveiled [...]

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BlackBerry Fold Set to Monopolise the Useless Phone Market

BlackBerry, despite rebranding themselves from their RIM brand a couple of years ago, have continued to fall further behind the likes of Apple, Samsung, HTC and Sony when it comes to their position in the smart phone market. It appears that their final move is to focus on innovation, after the likes of the Z10 left a lot to be [...]

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Wrap - The First 360° Screen Device

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has hardly had time to hit shelves and already there are reports of the company’s next hero handset – the Galaxy S7 Wrap – which is due to touch down in early-to-mid 2016. If you thought the curved edges of the aptly named Edge were impressive, you’ve seen nothing yet. The Galaxy S7 [...]

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Sony to Unveil New 'PlayStation Phone' for In-Game Texting and Calls

Sony have today unveiled innovative plans to release a PS4 controller – produced internally by their top secret trishock project – which allows for complete smart phone connectivity. The unique use of Bluetooth allows you to wirelessly sync your smart phone to your controller, turning the completely redesigned touchpad into a mobile screen; allowing you to send and receive calls [...]

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The Apple Columbus - Would This Have Been A Game-Changer?

Intriguing developments have come out of Silicon Valley today, with leaked documents showing the ‘Apple Columbus’ – a handset that appears to have been set for release in 2000, just a few months after the Nokia 3210.Whilst the phone lacked the legendary game of ‘Snake’, it had some other nifty features that surely would have gone [...]

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What Charger Do You Need For Your Holiday

We have recently been adding a lot of chargers to our long list of products. This includes genuine Apple and Samsung chargers as well as universal car and travel chargers. The universal travel charger comes with four interchangeable adapters which we thought may be confusing so it was important to get the details right. So if you [...]

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Micro SD Card Formats and Support - Guide

Before we Start We have already covered how to spot a fake Micro SD Card and also what the different classifications are. If you have yet to read these I recommend you check them out: How to Spot a Fake Micro SD Card Micro SD Card Classifications What is the Difference Between SD, SDHC and SDXC? Technology develops at [...]

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