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Back To Basics

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Back to the basics – to phones that actually work.

What, Nokias are still around? If you haven't seen a Nokia in over a decade then maybe it's time to remind yourself why they're, in fact - so much better than your smart phone.

So you’re walking with your friends and you drop your Nokia, do you…

a) Cringe and look away. 

b) Cover your face with your hands.

c) Slowly turn your phone over whilst praying.

d) Pick it up to call your friend because that’s what you were just about to do.

That’s right folks it’s D, carry on with your life because your phone won’t need repairing. There’s no £50 screen repair here… 

You’ve gone to the toilet and your phone is in your jacket pocket, it slides to your dismay and lands “woosh” straight into the toilet.

Do you:

a) Panic and fish it out of the toilet.

b) Calmly and collectively pick it up and give it a wipe never to think about it again.

c) Wipe it, put it on the radiator, plug into charger and place lots of silica gel sachets on it.

d) Cry and take it to be replaced.

Well done, you choose B.

You go to your friends for a spontaneous visit and forget your charger, do you:

a) Turn around and drive 3 hours back home.

b) Pull over to the nearest services and hope to god they have an overpriced charger.

c) Shrug and stay at your friends for an extra week because hey, you don’t need to charge your phone.

d) Pull over immediately to ring your friend to see if they have the same charger.

Again, you guessed it – the answer is C.

You’ve just purchased a new phone and the charging cable has been in use for a week, what do you do?

a) Hold it in place by the lightning adapter because when it’s not in the right position it stops charging.

b) Tape it up and hope for the best.

c) Plug it in and walk away until it’s fully charged.

d) Wait until its 99% full and check it every 10 minutes just to be disappointed that it can’t seem that last 1%.

There you have it, the answer is C!

If you found that you picked out D,B,C,C in that order then you must either want a Nokia or already own one! Oh, and if you’re a heavy phone gamer then don’t forget the retro Snake II, Space Impact, Bantumi and Pairs II. 

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