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NOKIA 3310 - Now the Dust Has Settled

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So it's been a while since NOKIA returned with with the infamous 3310! Time flies when you're having fun doesn't it?

Met with high hopes and expectations the 3310 had a lot to prove, after all the original had a pretty good name for itself. Has it let folk down these last few months? No, it has not! Almost everyone loves it! And quite right too.

It was packed full of old-school feature phone features and the build quality was on par with it's ancestor too... It even had Snake pre-installed so that was a win right off the bat. Having used a new 3310 myself as a secondary phone for a while now it has held it's own and done its job admirably.

As I use it mostly when I'm doing sports or doing rough and tumble work it does get a bit of a beating which obviously I don't want to subject my nice brick of a smartphone to as we all know that would crack up at the first sign of any trouble. Anyway, back to point, apart from the hard wear and tear it gets the 3310 still works a charm, not one bit of it has given in quite yet no matter how hard I try. Admittedly it looks a bit rough but I am not sure anything would look brand new after what it's been through.

Sure, I know the 3310 cannot hold up against a new shiny smartphone in terms of camera and all-out features but do you really need all that when your out for a run, bike ride and other sport? You certainly wouldn't want an expensive smartphone when you're building a garage or doing other heavy 'phone breaking' activities.

The NOKIA 3310 has also been quite popular with people going on their travels, after all the battery life alone wipes the floor with any smartphone. A group of friends used the 3310 whilst touring Asia as they never knew when they'd actually be next to a reliable power source, they didn't need to charge for days! If that's not something to be amazed at I don't know what is.

If you're interested why not pick one up from here?

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