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Social Media Profiles Throughout History

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After getting our creative juices flowing in the past with our technology that will never make it to market piece and our maximising productivity with technology infographic, we just couldn't wait to get started on the next one. 

We thought it would be fun (and why not?) to imagine what social media would have been like in the past during famous events. 

Ladies and gentleman, we give you: social media throughout history

Henry VIII would have had a whale of a time on the Tinder of the 16th century, Tudor

Would he swipe left for behead? Of course not. Like every other lad, he'd swipe right constantly for days in the hope of finding someone desperate enough to show up as a match. 

Earning a $25,000 payday from the Army Signal Corps is just a dream to the Wright Brothers at the moment, and they're looking to scramble $1,000 together for parts for their 1908 Model A Flyer. 

If they don't manage to source another $120 of funding, they - and we - may never get to take to the skies...

When Neil Armstrong took his first step on the moon, he described his "true euphoria at the amount of Instagram likes he would receive" over the course of the following days. 

And he was right, within minutes of posting his first moon selfie, he was already more popular on Instagram than Hugh Hefner - the Dan Bilzerian of Instagram in the 60s. He could have done with a selfie stick, mind. 

Guy Fawkes' private Pinterest boards were discovered after police seized his possessions. 

Among them were his plans for the gunpowder plot - including detailed maps of Parliament and the items he'd need to source - but more surprisingly were multiple boards for arts and crafts, and one filled with gorgeous wedding dresses. 

Emmeline Pankhurst made history on the day when she announced via Facebook that she would be voting in the 1918 general election. 

It actually went virtually unnoticed, as there was a hilarious clip of a baby sharing her dinner with her pet dog doing the rounds that day. 

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