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Stuck for Christmas Tree Ideas?

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Well Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over and done with; not long now until the best time of year, Christmas! :D

We at We Cost Less absolutely love Christmas, some more than others. A huge part of Christmas is the Christmas tree which when you really think about it is an odd quirk.

You can do almost anything and get away with it, so we were wondering what do other folk do to their tree to make it truly their own?

Here are some great Christmas trees with a couple of honourable mentions for tree alternatives.

5 - The Cookie Monster

This is great should you be able to find a blue tree and love cookies or have kids.

It is relatively easy to make; simply get a couple of polystyrene balls and draw some big black pupils on them and get a black sheet of paper or card to make the mouth. Easy as… COOKIE.

4 - Godzilla

Well we know this is kind of cheating as you do need a lot of space and money to do it, but just look at it!

You cannot really make one of these but should you actually accomplish such a feat then do feel free to contact us (support@wecostless.co.uk) with photos to show off your abilities as a tree builder.

3 - The Dalek

This is a little more difficult than the Cookie Monster but still quite achievable with some time and effort. Let’s face it, if you’ve got a plunger and a torch you’re already a third of the way to complete.

2 - Portal

Yes, it may seem a bit nerdy but the lights and a hanging tree just look really cool and seasonal.

The huge question with this tree is, where do you put the presents?

1 - Darth Vader

This year we are seeing the release of a new Star Wars film… at Christmas. This is best celebrated by use of a black tree with a Darth Vader helmet, blanket cape and light sabre.

This tree is tastefully decorated with Star Wars trinkets and just looks a bit different. When you really think about it you could even do a smaller green Yoda tree!

Honourable Mention 1

Should you not want a tree there are loads of different things you can do like this book tree!

Honourable Mention 2

If you’re not a big book fan but love photography you could decorate your tripod?

There are so many things you can do to make your tree different from everyone else’s. We’d love to see what you have done this year whether it be a classic style or odd-ball alternative so why not email in your setups to support@wecostless.co.uk and you may find you get an extra present this year.

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