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USB (Universal Serial Bus) is used for all sorts of devices that connect to a computer, often you find yourself in need of a new cable or adapter as your old one may have given up and broken.

One of the most common devices that you use a USB cable for is mobile phones. We all use a mobile phone and so the USB cable that comes with them gets a huge amount of use being plugged in and out of a phone every day or two for charging. Here you can find all different kinds of cables that will enable you to charge all the latest smartphones including Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, HTC and many more. With a bunch of different brands and types of cable you will definitely get the correct one for you.

The USB hubs are great for connecting multiple devices to one USB port on your computer too. You can use them to connect more than one USB device or even memory card readers which let you connect many different types of memory card from cameras and other portable devices.

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