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We have so many uses for all our technology these days. With great monitors and TVs and multiple consoles in most houses you want to take advantage and use all your tech to the best of its ability. Let’s check out a few scenarios that may help you with all your gaming and entertainment systems – life hacks you wish you knew about that can cost you less than £10!

Every house hold should have a HDMI switch. So you have a brand new lovely HD big screen television but are you getting the most out of it? Well I can tell you how… you have your Sky box, your Playstation, Xbox and maybe a DVD player too. You don’t want to have to be plugging them in and out every time you want to use something different so plug them all into a HDMI switch and you can then switch between them seamlessly without messing around with all those cables behind your TV. We have models with remote controls too so you don’t even have to move off of the sofa.

If you have a MacBook you can switch between different displays using DVI or Mini DisplayPort adapters – make sure you get the right model that is compatible with your laptop and then you can get going, view your screen on the big screen and plug them into other monitors, projectors, whatever you like. Great tech to have it you are doing lots of presentations around the office.

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