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Handheld Security

Personal investigators are more popular now than you think. They are a great way to collect evidence or information that you may need. When investigators are on the move they need kit they can take with them and use anywhere. Handheld and body worn items are the holy grail of investigators so why not take a whack at it yourself and miss out on the high charges.

You don’t have to hide cameras or have them positioned around the area you are trying to keep safe, you can use handheld security items such as our body worn or held cameras. These include fake car keyrings (yes you can get a camera in something that small!) ties with cameras in, mini cameras that you can hold or put your pocket and our very popular Spy Camera watches.

Record flawless video and audio on the move on items that look a lot less conspicuous than your iPhone.

Our handheld security range doesn’t end there either – we have portable UV black lights to try and spot evidence and even a spy gadget detector so you can find any bugs or hidden spyware that might be hidden around your house – a great way to calm any concerns if you are a big suspicious that you have been bugged.

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