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Surveillance Gadgets

Going away from home and need keep an eye on things? With covert cameras such as clocks, watches, pens and keyrings we have range of gadgets to give you peace of mind.

All of the surveillance gadgets have camera lenses that are barely noticeable which makes them great disguises as everyday items. Cameras such as the XWSC-9B camera clock also come with built in WiFi for live monitoring. This allows you to connect to the camera remotely so you can keep an eye on your pet for example all from your mobile phone.

If you need to record video during meetings you can use gadgets such as the key fob and lighter cameras. These look like exactly like there counterpart but with hidden cameras inside so no one will suspect a thing. If you don’t want to record video we also have listening bugs which you can call whilst out the room to hear everything that is going on.

Despite their size our cameras record HD video that you can watch back later on a laptop or PC. All recordings are saved on to the built in memory or a Micro SD which is expandable of up to 32GB so you can have hours of footage.

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