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Dash Cams

Using dash cams are a great way to lower your insurance premium. A lot of insurers now are happy to lower your car insurance should you have an on-board camera installed.

Not familiar with dash cams? Dash cams are video cameras usually attached to your windscreens at the front or rear of your car. They capture your car journeys and keep them recorded should you have an incident or crash. Having it all documented is a great way to ensure you are covered as we all know accidents do happen. We even have dual lens ones to keep an eye on the front and back view when you are driving.

In brilliant HD the videos produced are good enough quality to decipher what happens in the madness of an accident, for court and legal purposes to see which party are the cause of the accident and most of all for your safety.

Taxi drivers find these cameras very handy. Display that you are videoing to your customers for legal reasons and get footage of you working – should you have any unpleasant customers or any disputes it is all on video for proof should you get any complaints.

A wonderful item to have “just in case” as a precaution against any problems you may come across on the road.

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