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Silent Witness SW005 1080p HD GPS G Sensor Loop Recording Dash Cam

Silent Witness SW005 1080p HD GPS G Sensor Loop Recording Dash Cam


Product Description

Silent witness are an industry leader in dash cameras, their products go through thorough testing and are designed to be of the highest quality. The SW005 is one of the best cameras you can buy, it records in full 1080p HD and has a massive 170° wide angle lens. You may find that many dash cams that you have looked at are equipped with 120° lens which is not bad, but could be much better. 170° gives you a fantastic view range when watching back the videos and the more you see, the more proof you have.

You can set the camera to record in FHD (1080p) at 30fps or HD (720p) at 30/60fps; most would, quite rightly, set the camera to 1080p to get the higher quality recording. If you were wanting to get more footage per GB then you would want to set the camera to record in 720p, this is still high quality and you will not be getting poor footage. At 1080p the SW005 will record approximately 10 minutes per GB; the SW005 is supplied with an 8GB Micro SD card giving you 80 minutes of footage. You need not worry about clearing the memory card when full as the camera supports what is known as loop recording; loop recording writes over the oldest footage whenever the memory is full.

You might think loop recording is bad should you be involved in a accident; however, the SW005 has a G sensor build in to it which, when triggered, will safely store video prior and post to the incident in a separate area so it will not get wiped by loop recording.

As previously mentioned the SW005 comes with an 8GB Micro SD card; the camera can actually support up to a 64GB memory card as read from the spec sheet. We have tested a 128GB Micro SD card in this camera and it worked perfectly. One other main feature of this dash cam is the built-in 3&inch; screen enabling you to easily change camera settings and view back footage without the need to plug it in to a computer.

Videos can be set to have the date and time on along with other stats such as live speed and GPS location. Without stamps like these on the videos it would be hard to prove anything as video footage could be taken anywhere at any time. Using these stats you can accurately locate and show evidence when needed making it hard for anyone to argue with your evidence.

The last main feature is the ability to have the dash cam hardwired in to your vehicle. By doing this you can get the SW005 to automatically start recording when you turn the ignition on and stop when you turn it off. The timing can be delayed too so you can have it start/stop a certain amount of time after you start/stop your vehicle.

The auto start/stop, loop recording and G sensor features mean that once you have set the camera up to your liking you do not have to worry about it again unless anything happens on the road. You will only ever have to touch the camera to retrieve footage of an incident.

You may have heard of crash for cash scams and other variations where a driver will purposely cause a crash in a manner that will make it, in the eyes of an insurance company, your fault. These kind of people would go on to get fake quotes for repair work and claims about personal injury mounting up to a great deal of money. These kinds of scam ruin your no claims bonus and push up not only your future policies but others' too.

Dash cams are the perfect prevention of such malicious attacks and proof that you are not at fault should it happen. If you witness someone else have a crash you can also help them as the footage will show what happened and ensure the right party can prove their case.

Main Features

  • Full 1080p HD and 720p recording
  • Videos can tagged with GPS, date and time stamps
  • G-sensor collision storage
  • Micro SD card slot: Supports up to 64GB (8GB included)
  • Loop recording
  • Auto exposure for optimum day and night recording
  • Software to view journey with statistics
    • Google map journey
    • Route
    • Speed
    • Much more
  • Powered by cigarette socket charger
  • Suitable for 12V and 24V vehicles
  • HDMI and AV cables for viewing footage on TV
  • Can be professionally installed: hide wiring and auto on/off with ignition


  • 1 x SW005 dash cam
  • 1 x GPS unit
  • 1 x AV phono cable
  • 1 x HDMI cable
  • 1 x Car charger
  • 1 x USB cable

Product Videos

Silent Witness SW005 / SW006 Dashcam Footage - 1080p (09:01)
The Silent Witness SW005 / SW006 Dash cam gives you clear and crisp recordings protecting you against crash-for-cash scams and other times where you may need video evidence to prove your innocence in an accident. If interested in this camera take a look here: http://www.wecostless.co.uk/electronics/dash-cams/silent-witness-sw005-hd-dash-cam/
  • Silent Witness SW005 / SW006 Dashcam Footage - 1080p
    The Silent Witness SW005 / SW006 Dash cam gives you clear and ...

Product Reviews

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  1. Just what i needed 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 20th Oct 2015)

    I was in an accident the other month and decided to get a dash camera because of it. This dash camera records really clear video footage and the GPS tracking works really well. It would have been nice to have a black version to be less noticeable but the white one does match my car nicely so I don't mind.

Warranty Information

12 Months

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