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GPS Satnavs

If you are on the road in a car, van or even a motorbike we have satnavs to suit all motorists. With the most up to date maps and screen technology you can get clear viewing, clear voice instructions to get to your destination and other great features like voice command and included mounts.

Tried and tested the TomTom is the best of the best when it comes to satellite navigation systems. With the best GPS tracking to keep you connected they are sure to always get you out of a tight spot if you are lost or want to get somewhere as fast as possible.

Why bother with a satnav when you have a smartphone I hear you say? Well. For a start using your GPS on your phone drains your data massively, it also takes a lot of battery so your phone will be drained of most charge even on the smallest of journeys. Satnavs also have better navigation tech. Your phone may be smart, but a TomTom is far more likely to stay connected throughout your journey. Getting a Satnav is an investment you can rely on – your phone might run out of battery, have no signal or maybe you just need to use navigation that much that your small phone screen just isn’t enough. With so many models we at We Cost Less have handpicked the best of the best just for you.

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