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Everyone loves to be able to listen to their own music wherever they are. Using portable speakers is the way to go now. We have ones specifically designed to go in your garden and the outdoors, to the most stylish designs.

Speaker technology has come a long, long way. You can get a speaker no bigger than your fist and blast out your favourite tunes wherever you are. Portable speakers are really the big thing now, ideal for presents, small enough to fit in suitcases, handbags and some will even fit inside your pockets! In all shapes and sizes we have brightly coloured models to match your mobile phones and sleek designs for a more modern setting. We have mini speakers that match the colours of the iPhone 5C if you really want to get fancy and customize all your tech.

If you have kids that are big music lovers already you should check out our speakers shaped like cool cars including a BMW and Audi style – or maybe you are an Animal lover and would like our soft plush speakers that even dance around to the music you are playing as well as play it.

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