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Remember your trusty Nokia 6300 whose amazing battery lasted days and sometimes weeks on end? Well those days are truly dead and gone (for now anyway).

Extend your battery life with a battery juice pack. Simple. Our external battery packs and battery charging cases range from the pocket variety to the kind that could literally jumpstart your car! Plug and go while you are on the move, in your handbag and charge up your phone whilst you are out and about and unable to get to a plug. Feeling environmental? Check out our solar charger battery packs and utilize the sunshine to charge your smartphone.

If were not tweeting, Snapchat taking, Facebook stalking or watching the latest movies and YouTube videos on our Smartphones then, well were probably playing Candy Crush, Hearthstone or on WhatsApp. Let’s face it, with all the amazing things you can do on our handsets the battery life of the modern day phone is a little less than adequate. But never fear We Cost Less have the perfect solution to any lack of battery life!

Don’t live in fear of a dead battery. Avoid missing out on anything by keeping your battery topped up 100% with a battery pack from We Cost Less.

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