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So you have gone out for a nice day out, driven a few hours to a neighbouring city, planning to grab some lunch, maybe walk around see some sights and exercise your credit card with some well-earned retail therapy. You’re in a superstore and your partner or kids have gone off to look at a different department in the shop and you have completely lost them. You think oh well, I can just give them a call – pull out your smartphone and panic sets in. A deader than dead battery on your super-duper smartphone! If you are going on a journey or maybe travelling you need a battery boost so you don’t get caught out and always have enough charge to last the day.

What about a stylish phone case with a built in battery. Perfect! Use your phone on the move and charge it too. Simply slide your phone into the case or cover, turn the case on and it will begin to charge your phone. Just make sure you buy the case that is specifically designed just for your model of handset.

This portable method of charging is fantastic for emergencies where you never want to be without any power in your mobile so make sure you can always give your device a bit of juice with power case batteries from We Cost Less.

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