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Your iPhone is your baby. You love the way it looks, how it works and you are inseparable. Your blind love even forgives it when it runs out of battery – because you have all the right accessories to keep it going. A must have item if you have an iPhone is an emergency power pack. Portable power banks you have charged up and have spare in case you run out of juice and have no access for charging. Here are a few other must have items that are crucial for the Apple mobile owners club.

You may even need a few spare charging cables for your phone so you can have one upstairs, downstairs, at your Work – everywhere you may need to use one and for less than £2 you may as well have one at Grandmas too!
Cases! You are mad if you don’t have a case on your phone. On average worth of £400 for iPhones (or more) why would you not want to protect your Apple tech? From swanky metal cases to fun silicone animals shaped phone cases the selection is massive and much needed to avoid any accidents. If you are really accident prone there are even versions for heavy duty damage like Trident Kraken cases – designed for builders and high level protection.

This next one is for safety – the best way to stay connected when driving is with a car kit or mount/holder for your phone. With solutions to suit yourself, your iPhone and your car you have come to the best place.

Another great must haves are replacement backs and fronts – bored of the plain design on the back of your phone? You can swap it for one of our colourful versions. With so many accessories and extra items having a browse is fun and allows you to get the best out of your Apple device.

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