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Charging your phone from your car has become a necessity in today’s technology loving world. Your phone is the one thing you can truly rely on – when the battery is nice and full that is. Don’t miss out on that perfect photo op or that vital phone call you have been waiting on all day just because you are going out for the day – just buy a car charger suitable to your model of phone (widely either Apple or micro-USB compatible nowadays) and you can keep topping up your battery when you are out on the road.

Plug our iXium or MiTEC adapter into the cigarette lighter port that comes built in to most modern day cars – usually located at on the dash board. Now you can plug in your USB charging cable and get your phone juiced up! You can use it for anything that uses a USB also – your SatNav, tablet, iPad, music player, all sorts. It really is a handy gadget to have in your car. Let’s be honest – the last thing you want to do when you are off visiting a new area is run out of phone battery and be completely and utterly lost. The easiest way to stay connected is to stay charged. For less than a fiver having a USB charging adapter for your car is the ultimate portable life hack.

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