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Sim Cards

You need a SIM card to get your swanky new phone to work. Choose your network and grab a SIM to start using it. We supply SIM cards from multiple networks including: Labara, O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone. They are all on pay as you go plans.

The best way to check which network is for you is to check out their websites and check how much their tariffs are; each will have advantages and disadvantages depending on what you want to use. Network coverage is also key. Depending on where you live different networks will have different signal strengths. The area you are in most may have a strong signal for a particular network compared to the others, this would make it the perfect one for you to choose.

Lebara mobile is a firm favourite if you are calling abroad as it has very cheap international call rates. Great for foreign students or just those who are away from home.

O2 provides services such as O2 priority moments – offering discounts to its customers on the high street and in loads of popular restaurants amongst loads of other things!

Orange and T-Mobile are provided by the EE network and boast great 4G signal and have a variety of price plans for SIM only contracts if you want to move from pay as you go to a contract.

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