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Classic Bar

The world of tech can be confusing. Especially when it comes to mobile phones. Sometimes you just want to stick to the classics, you don’t want a camera, or a video player or a million games you are never going to play. That’s why at We Cost Less we believe providing a good selection of handsets that are reliable, easy to use with only the best of the best reviews.

We Cost Less has all the Nokia Classics as reconditioned models so we can provide top quality phones you are familiar with. Your faithful Nokia 6300 stopped working? No problem! Grab one of ours, no need to buy new chargers or accessories we can provide you with a handset at a low price you won’t think twice about.

Struggle with your sight? Our Big Button phones are designed for hard of hearing and sight – with larger keys and numbers to keep you connected to everyone still. In sleek classic candy bar designs with screens and actual buttons – don’t mess about with that touch screen stuff if you hate it!

Are those smartphones a bit too flimsy for you? Rugged phones are ideal for someone who wants a phone that will last – a keen outdoorsmen’s mobile dream! They are super tough. Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof it is ideal for anyone prone to destroying mobiles or just those who are wary of breaking their phone and in need of something durable.

We Cost Less has a handpicked range you will love - check out our classic bar phone collection, it speaks for itself.

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