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Classic Nokias

Classic Nokia phones will never go out of fashion. From the 3310 to the 6310i we have range of old school phones you are sure to love, either for their amazing durability or for nostalgia. They are a firm favourite whether you are a die-hard Nokia fan or just need one that is compatible with your built-in Bluetooth car kit.

The classic Nokia handsets at We Cost Less are just like new; reliable, affordable and easy to use - they even boast battery lives that last days and days! All of our classic Nokias work on any phone network, apart from 3.

The Nokia 6310i was and for some people still is the staple handset of the business world with tri-band, bluetooth and even email. Running a business? Need some company phones? If they are just for making and receiving calls these phones are cheap, reliable and the battery lasts for days on end - way further than your fancy new Smartphone. The average handset now costs around £500. Our reconditioned Nokia phones – good as new average at around £40 and have been known to last longer than that new iPhone your friend just bought!

But you like to play games on your phone I hear you say! Bored of Temple Run and Candy Crush? Take it back to the 90s with classic games on the 3310 including Snake II, Space Impact, Bantumi and Pairs II.
*Our reconditioned Nokia phones are professionally restored to working order by our manufacturer approved vendor. They are cleaned, tested and meet top specifications and are in excellent condition - they do not come in original packaging.

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