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Dummy Phones

Mobile Phone accessories are loved by all! From Apple iPhone lovers to die hard Android and Samsung fan boys. If you’re stocking all the latest phone tech then you need dummy phones to model your items. Think of it like this – if you have an underwear shop you’d need Victoria Secret’s Models to model underwear if you want to be the top pants store (if you’re so lucky)!

We Cost Less supply almost identical dummy phones of a variety of brands so you can get the model you are looking for. Our fake, toy phones include Apple iPhone, iPad, Nokia, Lumia, Samsung, Sony, HTC and more. Made of high quality materials (mainly plastic and metal) they are great non-working duplicates of your favourite phones.

Dummy phones are used in all sorts of industries. From theatre, TV and film props for acting purposes to shop window advertising or for Toys for children - rather than them destroying that new Samsung handset you just treated yourself to, get them their very own.

A favourite use for these realistic handsets are that they are great for pranks on your friends! Imagine your partners face when you give them a brand new iPhone on their Birthday or Christmas day only to find out that it is a fake phone. A little mean - but oh so funny.

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