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Sadly most modern phones are really fragile, you even look at them and they can break. This can be annoying, especially if you are someone who does a lot of work or activities that expose a phone to less than stella environments.

Specially designed rugged phones can help prevent any accidental mishaps, after all they are designed to take a bit of beating. Sports can be horrendous for phone breakages as learnt by many in the past, one tiny slip and whoosh! Bye-bye phone. Some rugged phones are even waterproof, great for watersports like rowing and kayaking. When waterproof you know you are protected against muddy puddles too, cross country treks spring to mind there, or building sites.

Builders are at a high risk of damaging a phone; being exposed to far more that can actually do damage compared to anyone sitting down in an office all day. Although sitting in an office all day does have it’s own dangers…

A number of rugged phones here are dual sim too enabling you to have both a home number and work number on the same mobile. This is unbelievably useful as it saves you from having to carry two phones around, halving the possibility of phone breakages.

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