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Wildlife Cameras & Accessories

Wildlife is amazing to watch as it changes all the time; in winter it is going to be different to that of the summer because that is the way nature works.

Wildlife trail cameras are great for following what is happening because they can capture all that goes on when you are not around. Want to know what is taking down that bird feeder or what is digging up your plants? With a trail camera you can catch those pesky things in the act, for all you know you might find something spectacular! After-all, some fantastic footage of animals has been caught by trail cameras in the past.

No wildlife camera is complete without accessories though, especially if you plan on leaving them for long periods of time. Security boxes are great as they can be bolted in to position and locked. Solar panels are also pretty good, they can boost the run-time from a hand full of months by quite a lot! We’ve had someone come back to us saying they got an extra 3 months out of their camera on 1 set of batteries because the solar panel worked that well!

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